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N3887E - 7AC Champ at Kokomo (OKK)


  • Regular Club Member: $99 per hour (wet)
  • Associate Club Member: $114 per hour (wet)
  • Flying Squirrel (EAA): $89 per hour (wet)

Restrictions and Requirements

  • Student Pilot w/tailwheel endorsement.
  • $28,000 maximum member damage liability.
  • Minimum 15 hours tailwheel time.
  • Initial checkout 1 hour minimum.
  • Currency 1 hour/month (any tailwheel) or CFI checkout.

Preheating (Winter Ops)

  • Preheat the plane when the temperature is 40 degrees or below.
  • Apply heat about an hour before your flight.
  • Be sure the fuel valve in the plane is in the off position.
  • Place heater under cowling as shown.
  • Cover cowling with blanket as shown.
  • Use starting procedure outlined in the “Winter Ops / Preheating” article located on the web site under aircraft information.